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DEVELOP A REWARDING CAREER. Serve in healthcare and aged care sector.

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Specialized boutique recruitment and marketing company

KM Training & Consulting is a boutique marketing and recruitment organisation that specialises in the domestic and international markets. KM Training partners with reputable Registered Training organisations and educational institutions. KM Training specialises in the healthcare sector, Aged care, Community services, Disability/Services, Mental health, Allied Health, Early Childhood Education & Care.

KM Training has a consulting arm which focuses on the following short-skill sets, workshops, and consulting within the Aged Care arena this includes training staff on new and innovative models of care, undertaking Audits to ensure compliance across the Aged Care Standards. KM Training is currently consulting with TLC Learning providing assistance in these areas and also providing in-house training services to the staff for TLC Aged Care. KM Training has reputable partnerships with the Community, Aged Care, and Disability Services it has a past history of assisting students with employment opportunities.

Reputable Team
Consults within the Aged Care VET sector

KM Training has a wealth of knowledge and experience which is backed up by its team who are industry experts within the Vocational and Higher Educational arena. Lead by an experienced Consultant within the Healthcare and Vocational health care sector. KM Training has access to a student support team in which provides students with support and encouragement to lead them on to a successful pathway in the VET sector. KM Training has assisted many people in the industry with employment outcomes due to their networks and connections with large healthcare providers.

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Course consultations on weekends

KM Training also has consulted on a number of Aged care facilities, with the design, implementation of sounds systems and processes by ensuring compliance and governance with the departments, marketing and recruitment, financial planning and project development.

KM Training has a diverse portfolio of businesses that it has owned including a Childcare Centre, focusing on developing sound business systems and implementing the Quality Standards to the Centre, which also featured in the Newspaper with the Local Mayor.

KM Training currently is working towards becoming a NDIS provider and will be launching “KM Disability Services” which will support local communities with caring for clients with disabilities, and enriching there lifestyle with a holistic model of care, this will be supplemented with a pool of quality graduates being fed in to this model. KM Training also has a partnership with a Consulting Firm focusing on setting up businesses within the Healthcare sector, early childhood, and Home and Community Care.

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