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Kim Singh


Kim has a demonstrated management style, and has worked in Management and the healthcare corporate sectors for over 14 years. Kim has operationally managed portfolios of Aged care facilities included 43 aged care homes in all states in Melbourne. Kim has been heavily involved in research and innovation and was a major stakeholder for the “Workforce Reform” project which was an aged care initiative to shape the clinical and non-clinical areas of aged care. Kim has extensive experience within the mental health, disability services sector and led an Aged Care Facility’s Manager’s role specialising in dementia specific care and best practice principles.

A Track record within the Aged care compliance and governance sectors heading up over 80 Accreditation across different states in Australia passing with exceptional standards and results. Kim has led and managed corporate sector teams and has led large developmental projects including architecturally design of aged care facilities.

Kim has been involved within the VET sector for over 11 years and has a background as a VET Trainer/ Assessor/ Business development and strategic Life coach developer assisting domestic and International students with information to shape their educational requirements and needs leading to employment networking and outcomes. KM Training was developed based on my passion to connect people with their career pathways and developmental needs. Kim has extensive exposure and experience in the emerging domestic and global markets.

A background in early childhood education and care, Director of an Early Childhood education and care centre catering for children who also had disabilities. Extensive Management and compliance overseeing of the childcare centre and operational management.

Kim’s recent project was the development of an initiative partnering with the Pilipino Services of Australia to provide aged care accommodation to Pilipino clients who are diagnosed with Dementia, Kim was the lead consultant on this project along with the Pilipino Community Services organisation.

Kim currently consults for TLC learning and conducts non-accredited Training and workshops for Corporate Aged care facilities specialising in staff’s strengths to amalgamate that in the aged care system.

Kim has a very personal touch and is very orientated to the students and her staff, my greatest gift I can give to my students is Knowledge and information, and this has a major impact on someone’s entire life.

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